Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tying Knots


Yes, Facebook is my main news source. I had to admit that sometime last month and I was so embarrassed. I used to be so up on current events with my frequent listening of NPR. Now, I rely on my friends. Lucky for me, I have pretty diverse, yet involved friends, so it works. I learned of Osama bin Laden's death on Facebook during a middle of the night feeding. I also learned the winner of The Voice on Facebook, unfortunately before I'd watched the finale. Now I know not to log on until I know the outcome of any reality TV I might get caught up in.

Have you noticed the trend in the resurgence of friendship bracelets? I can't decide if it's awesome or silly, but I've got embroidery floss and I think we'll have to make a few while you're here. Maybe that will help me decide which side of that fence to choose. I think I've still got made bracelet skills from summers behind the old velvety rocker with the threads pinned to my shorts.

Good luck with your final preparations! And enjoy your EVO experience!

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