Friday, March 25, 2011

2011 Design Trends

That's right, JoAnn's Special is doling out trend advice! Don't worry, I didn't come up with them on my own (that would be a little frightening!) A few weeks ago I went to Day of Design. My favorite classes were the interior design ones. The cute girls from Opal Never Shouts taught one of the classes, and the other was taught by an interior design instructor at BATC.

Here are my notes from the Design Trends 2011 class. The teacher kept reminding us to not feel like we had to redo our entire house and get overwhelmed, but just to find 1 or 2 new trends we wanted to incorporate and go from there.

1. Color Trends
Honeysuckle is the Pantone color of the year. You can learn more about Honeysuckle, a courageous, confident, and brave new color. She described it as a hot pink with red undertones, which created quite a frightening visual image. Fortunately, honeysuckle is much softer than what I had pictured.  I think it would be fun to trade out the orange in my front room for honeysuckle. Bet my boys would love that. 

2. Layering patterns. 
This bedding is from Anthropologie and has great texture. You don't have to keep the texture monochromatic either. I asked what the secret is behind getting, what look like random colors in a room to all work together without having it end up looking all mod podge. She said the secret is to start with a color palette of colors you like together and then as you find pillows, or throws, or rugs in those colors on different shopping trips they will all come together in a room and work nicely together. Like this room on Young House Love.

3. Paper Your Walls
This isn't your grandmother's wallpaper. Wallpaper companies have changed the adhesives and even the thickness of the paper, to make for an easier removal. And these wallpapers have huge print. Like patterns that used to be only 3" wide have been blown up to 1.5' wide.

4. Current Ancestral
Also hot is ancestral shaped furniture (think antique) with updated fabric, like this sofa and the chair above. Either my mom is way ahead of her time, or this trend has come full circle because she's been working on updating 2 "ancestral" chairs for a while now. Maybe I should find some velvety fabric and take over the project.

5. Lighting For Art
Light fixtures are going big and making a statement.  You'll also see big fixtures grouped together over tables. Image from Pinterest.


6. Headboards
Supersized upholstered headboards. This is one of my favorite trends. Perhaps 2011 will be the year we get a headboard! I think the nailheads add a good balance of masculine to a femine shape here.

7. Animal Prints
They can either be print and colorful prints or very subtle. This is a trend I thought had been around for a while, but I guess it is still hanging around.

8. In the Details
Some of those details are:

Drum stools
Turned Spindles
Clear Acrylic Furniture
Long Oversized Sofas

As well as mixing old and new.
Grey, white and bleached wood (Restoration Hardware has a lot of this going on)

9. Patterns From Nature
This reminded me of Put A Bird On It. But nature is so much more than birds!

So what do you think, do you love or hate these trends? Will you be adding honeysuckle to your home and wardrobe? I'm really liking the texture thing and the current ancestral furniture. I wonder what I can find at DI to DIY with...

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